The Sun On Cancer 4: A Cat Arguing With A Mouse

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun is on Cancer 4: A CAT ARGUING WITH A MOUSE

A Cat Arguing With A MouseThis degree can speak about bickering, arguing, going over and over things (especially in the mind), finding fault, being disagreeable….

If this is going on in your mind, it pays to take note of what is taking up space in your thinking, emotions, spirit, etc. What is it that replays and replays? Is it worth it? Will you be able to prevail if you fight it? Is the ‘opponent’ bigger than you? Is the fight justified? What likely outcomes are there for pushing against something that may not even be worth your time in the first place?

This Symbol often implies arguing, taking on opponents regardless of size and the ability to win, and, sometimes, being unable to let things just be. Along with bullying, this can show bickering, which is time consuming, often immature and useless. What is the central issue around what’s going on and what are the old values that require reassessment? There is an imbalance at work; someone or something is trying to gain unfair advantage against a weaker opponent. There can be a desire to justify to the other what should be done and why. This Symbol can show a selfless advocate for the underdog, someone prepared to protect others or a bully that takes advantage of others or someone who doesn’t know when to stop useless mental monkey chattering.

Turning the tables. David vs. Goliath. Hide and seek games. Being able to persuade others to one’s way of thinking through constant to and fro thinking. Mind games.

The Caution: Time-wasting arguments. Picking on others. Power trips. Feeling victimized and taken advantage of. Beating oneself up. Mental or physical torment.

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