The Sun On Cancer 5: The Going Against The Grain Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun today is Cancer 5: AT A RAILROAD CROSSING, A CAR RACES WITH A TRAIN

This Symbol is otherwise known as the ‘train-wreck’ degree. (I hope for no train wrecks, literal or symbolic…) This degree can bring about some big realisations, especially if you feel you’ve been peeing into the wind lately… For me, I am endeavouring to stop posting on political sites on FB. It gets one nowhere, changes no one’s mind and just makes for flak. It’s rather hard to stop, but, well, I have to look elsewhere!Car Wrecked By A Train

Where do you find yourself rubbing up against others, the government, bureaucracy, the status quo? By observing it today, you might get some more insights into how this whole thing works, or, why you might want to take on the battle.

This Symbol implies the desire, or the ability, to compete with or take on society as if life were a race or something to be conquered in some way. The ‘Car’ is a vehicle for the individual and the ‘Train’ a vehicle for the masses. There is often a need for caution as the individual will not always survive in a collision with the more powerful collective. It probably won’t always work to be insisting bravely that your individual needs should be considered. The collective has too much momentum. If someone pits themselves and their energies continually against society, sooner or later they are likely to lose.

Not looking to the consequences of one’s actions. Running against the grain of others. Cars, trains. Individual rights. Rebelling. Split second timing. Taking one’s chances.

The Caution: Recklessness. Being prepared to sacrifice others. Working until one drops. Not knowing when to stop. Emotional panic. Spinning out of control. Going off the rails.

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  • sheraloha

    Love your daily raves Lynda! Sometimes it really hits home with our personal planets and this is certainly one of them. Thanks so much for your cosmic work

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