The Sun On Gemini 15: Two Dutch Children Talking And Studying Their Lessons Together

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Two Children Studying2This is a fascinating degree… it implies the need, or the desire, to find those that you can have conversations with – exchanging ideas, knowledge, learning and understanding each other, regardless of the depth of the conversation. What are you learning? Have you learned that it doesn’t pay to try to convert people to your way of thinking? Is it best to concentrate your time and energy on those headed in the same direction as you? Are you noticing the ‘lessons’ that you are being shown in life?

I remember an instance of this degree showing up. I was giving a lecture at NORWAC in Seattle some years ago. Two people sitting next to each other started talking… no mention of this degree was made by me, but they noticed that they both had this degree prominent in their charts. They asked what Symbol it was and I said it was the Two Dutch Children Talking And Studying Their Lessons Together – they both exploded into laughter – the ancestry of both was Dutch.

This Symbol shows that you should be able to feel relaxed and comfortable with friends and able to speak your own truth. There’s a need for clarity and for those of like mind to communicate spontaneous and creative ideas with each other. Feeling cut off and isolated because your beliefs or language are different from other people can propel you to finding those you can share your thoughts or your ‘studies’ with. There is usually, or should be, at least one person around you who can give you advice or lend you an ear when you need to express yourself in your own unique way to someone who understands.

Sharing innocent and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Finding a soul mate. Chitchatting about everyday life. Talking for hours.

The Caution: Failing to communicate. Taking an unsophisticated viewpoint. Excluding others as not worthy. Societal or racial prejudice. ‘Hearing voices’ that don’t make sense.

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  • Ouroboros

    15 Gemini is my AC, i wholeheartedly agree and resonate with this sabian symbol! As well i have felt extreme in my moods as of late…..the ‘break stuff’ energy you mentioned with the heavy/intense symbols is SO very real right now. I am not a break stuff kind of person, usually, but I definitely have been drifting into fantasies of breaking things. Kind of embarrassing to admit, and I won’t act on it (well maybe if i can find a healthy outlet) but its relieving to hear this, lest I feel even more insane right now! Thank you for your work! Super helpful!

    • Lynda

      Hi Ouroboros – yes! the feeling of wanting to break things – I so get it… what an incredibly frustrating and difficult time it has been…. what a test!

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