The Sun On Pisces 12: An Examination Of Initiates

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Examination Of Initiates In The Sanctuary Of An Occult BrotherhoodHow are you feeling about the journey that you’re on? Do you feel a little judged, even if only by yourself? Do you feel like you are, or that you have, passed the tests that life has thrown at you? Are you feeling the need to drop the judgement? To stop passing judgement on others, or, to bring a halt to listening to what others may think or say about you?

Do some institutions need to be ‘examined’? Are there abuses of authority going on that are sanctioned by the ‘higher ups’ who abuse their powers?

This Symbol is so in line with the Royal Commission here in Sydney into child sexual abuse by institutions – my friends Gretel and Scottie are going in there again today to witness whether the ‘good fight’ gets fought – it can be hard to have a lot of trust in the judiciary…

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to pass the tests that life, other people, spirituality or karma throws at you. You are likely to find at times in your life that you are being judged by those above you. It is difficult to see what their qualifications to judge you are, but this is often the nature of progression through the ranks. People being critical of one another can lead to better behavior, better performances or the like, or it can lead to feeling judged, violated and intruded upon. It can seem as though our lives are like lessons; we are periodically “Examined” to see how we are doing on our course. Be careful not to shut yourself away to avoid being seen or having to endure criticism.

The ordeal that comes with higher realms of being. Tests and trials. The Inquisition. Examinations. Cross-examinations. Proving courage and purity. Being a candidate.

The Caution: Refusing advice. Arrogance. People saying ‘I told you so’. Invading other’s space. People assuming they know the truth about someone. Failing. Scandals. Stories.

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