The Sun On Scorpio 2: A Broken Bottle And Spilled Perfume

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Broken Bottle Of PerfumeSometimes we need to crack open in order to let go or to heal. Sometimes we hang onto things until they get really ‘smelly’ and pollute our sense of self and our belief in the goodness of life. Smashing a glass or a plate can release some energies that have been pent up, sometimes for far too long.

This Symbol implies something fragile and beautiful that may somehow be shattered or lost. It can also show the need to let things go and not hang onto them to the point of shattering and loss. There will be times of building up or concentrating your emotions until they are suddenly let out. There may be little that you can do about an outburst, but you may need to be careful of what you do as you sort things out. Sometimes things need to be “Broken” so that their contents can be released and fully appreciated or revealed. The smell of “Perfume” can release memories of love, longing and desire, but also anger, hurt or jealousy.

Memories lingering on. Spilled emotions. Scents or aromas. Upsetting people. Shattered emotions. Chiropractors. Back surgeons. Genie let out of the bottle. Breaking glass.

The Caution: Things looking good, but contents disappointing. The desire for drama. Bad smells. Substance abuse. Emotional mess. Smelling salts. Passing out. Accidents. Loss.

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