The Sun On Scorpio 22: Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


standglas_bernini.dove.lgDuring this last week I had a haunting feeling – I knew the Sun was soon to be transiting this ‘Hunters’ degree. It is an especially strong energy as we’ve just had the new Moon in Scorpio just a few days before.

I had a rather gloomy insight come into my mind on several occasions, both before and after the new Moon: Something awful was likely to happen, an act of terrorism on the world stage. I thought it many times and put the thought aside, but, I had to acknowledge it because it was so strong. Then to hear of what happened/is still happening in Paris and Beirut and anywhere that terrorism has a hold…. (having said that, our tv sets convey ‘terror’ to us every single night, on and on and on).

Please note that this Sabian Symbol is not, as with every other Sabian Symbol, inherently ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. It can, though, be extremely confronting, and on so many levels. It has beauty and grace in it as well as protective power or the abuse of power.

This Symbol can be a beautiful one. I have seen it to show people who are warriors for the rights of others, animal rights activists, people who are very much into protecting the rights of those who can’t look after themselves. They can be like guardians who turn up to ensure that harmful events, on any level, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc, and are there to help to restore peace calm, and, equality.

The following are (unedited) extracts from my text from The Sabian Oracle


This Symbol implies the need for protection of those innocent or younger, smaller, or notDuck Hunting able to protect themselves. Being an advocate for others, you can shield them from the more harmful elements of society. You may, at times, feel that you are the one that needs to be protected or given shelter or in need of people declaring a ceasefire and amnesty so people can come out into the open and not be afraid to show their true selves. Of course, there is a need for an outlet for aggressive emotions every now and then. Doing so in groups gives this outlet, such as “Shooting Wild Ducks” some sense of acceptability. However, picking on the undefended or smaller is not right, no matter what the terms.

Satiating one’s aggressive desires. Being able to hit the mark. Terrorism in its many forms. Camouflage. The armed forces. Armaments. Hunting for meat or trophies.

The Caution: Taking unfair advantage of the innocent. Exploitation. Hormones running rampant. Bullying behavior. Polluting nature. Shooting people down. Nowhere to hide.

This Symbol is made especially strong as the Karmic Condition for it (the degree before) is Scorpio 21: OBEYING HIS CONSCIENCE, A SOLDIER RESISTS ORDERS

Soldier Going AWOLThis Symbol shows someone whose “Conscience” stops them from following a certain course of action, staying with a project or relationship when they’d rather leave, or, someone not prepared to compromise their values to do something that society says they must do. You may find yourself in situations where what you are expected to do is against your inner values, your conscience or how you see your future unfolding. You may have to make the difficult choice between allegiance to duty or your own inner truth. True freedom can only be found when one faces situations with a sense of integrity and preparedness to face the consequences, be they positive or negative.

Another take on this degree is situations where people refuse the dictates of social order, society, the military, their false moral consciences, etc, and can cut loose with all kinds of revolution and anarchy. This degree can be about a great awakening. We can come to realise that pushing for things to work the way you want them to can lead to exhaustion and alienation. Sometimes, it is better to just let go and let God.

Personal morality. Doing what one’s conscience dictates. Longing for a return to a state of love and innocence. Love that restrains. Not following orders. Going AWOL.

The Caution: Cowardice or lack of courage to act. Not doing what is expected. ‘Going over the top’ in a wild and crazy way. Freezing and confining emotions. Tantrums.

Not an easy energy.

Mercury at the time of the beginning of the attacks, was on Scorpio 19: A A Parrot Listening Then SpeakingPARROT LISTENING AND THEN TALKING, REPEATS A CONVERSATION HE HAS OVERHEARD – this is apparent on so many levels. Social media and talk back will, no doubt, be filled with people talking about what happened and why they think it happened, all, naturally, through the filter of their own mind-set, or consciousness.

This degree speaks of filtering messages for authenticity – sometimes we are led astray by something we think we hear, but did we really?

On the fantastic up-side, this Symbol can show how letting go of pre-conceived ideas and blockages of reasoning or logic, we can receive wonderfully fulfilling and enriching messages from very interesting sources.

This Symbol infers some level of spiritual channeling or the hearing and passing on of messages. Birds symbolize spiritual forces and “Parrots” symbolize the ability to be able to give voice to messages. This Symbol indicates that someone who is receptive to thoughts and ideas can process information to the point where it becomes their own, although they may really be a channel or a translator rather than an originator of these messages or realizations. Perhaps there is a need integrate new understandings into your consciousness, to make a belief system or a code of living truly your own with your own stamp of individuality on it.

Transmitting information or knowledge. Recorded messages. Answering and fax machines. Translating languages or words of wisdom. Talking heads. Talkback radio.

The Caution: Repeating without knowing the real meaning or purpose. Parrot like behavior. Gossiping. Going over the same territory. Brainwashing. Broken records.

Broken records, indeed. What is unfolding on the planet is truly heartbreaking. I hope those ‘Ducks’, those beautiful energies, those ‘doves of spirit’, escape the gunmen.

Posting this feels double-edged. I was going to post something, here and on Facebook,  last week about the very strong feeling I had about a huge terror attack, but thought the better of it. One doesn’t want to perpetuate more terror by making such statements. It’s a curious thing, this thing called reality. These degrees of Scorpio can have us being drawn into some very weird mental or emotional states as we endeavour to navigate through the straits.


Woman Drawing Aside Curtains - WaterhouseThis Symbol shows the ability or the need to be able to draw aside confusions or obstructions that impede your path or stop you from realizing where you could be or go. You, either alone or with others, may feel the need to venture down new “Pathways” or investigate new possibilities, but you will have to muster faith and overcome fear to enter these new realms, these “Sacred” places. You will require both courage and inquisitive desire. Venturing down these paths make it clear that your sphere of operation and action will become vastly enlarged with the new perspective that opens for you.

Mysteries revealed. Feminine mysteries. Invitations to the unknown. Drawing the curtains or blinds. Woman’s reproductive systems. Open Sesame. Sexual issues. Following through.

The Caution: Being seduced. Dark and sinister things. Not being shown the true picture or the truth. Being or feeling shut out or shut in. Dark rooms. Frigidity and prudishness.

Mars is even in on the mix. Mars is on Libra 1: A BUTTERFLY PRESERVED AND MADE PERFECT WITH A DART THROUGH IT

This Symbol, as always, can be a beautifully meaningful one, on every level. It can speak of beauty and immortality and the joy and wonder of nature.

It can also show pins and needles, darts, pointy objects, acupuncture needles, bullets, sewing needles, tacks, being framed, not being able to escape. All kinds of things. The central theme can be feeling like one is stuck to the spot, somehow confined by life and not sure what solutions may be true, trustworthy or even possible.

This Symbol implies something vital and beautiful being “Preserved” so the passing of time Butterfly frameddoesn’t age, decay or destroy it. Beauty in shape or form has been frozen in one moment denying the natural process of decay. An archetypal death is symbolized; a perfection through sacrifice. As inspiring as this process can be, this can bring difficulties in moving on or changing situations. People can feel stuck, like they have no choice, can’t move forward are trapped or are being used for something that they don’t agree with. However, this does bring some wonderful rewards with longevity and a sense of something eternally good attached to it.

Perfection and beauty made immortal. Moments frozen in time. External beauty that’s lacking animation. The “handiwork” of creation on display. Transfiguration. Poster art.

The Caution: People stopped from growth and change. Not letting go. Surrender and immobilization. Pinned down and unable to move. Appearances being everything.

Over the coming days, Mercury will cross over The Soldier Going AWOL degree and The Hunters Shooting Wild Ducks degrees, bringing further clarity, and possibly, further confusion if one sits too much in the mind. Analyzing and analyzing won’t help matters. We need to draw aside the curtains and venture down that ‘Sacred Pathway’ (not a “scared pathway…) towards where we want to be.

With the Soldier Going AWOl so active this week, it may be that we feel that we’ve just plain had enough of some situations, people, events, emotions, etc, and, start to figure out where WE are in the equation, instead of putting own our needs aside. Our “own needs”, of course, can show the desire to help, encourage, save, rescue, etc, others – those who can’t look after themselves.

Less cruelty and more beauty has got to be the way through this very interesting and intense time.

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