The Sun On Scorpio 25: X Ray Specs And The Issue Of Who We Listen To

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


X-RayThis Symbol shows being able to see into areas or realms that others generally don’t take any notice of. You may find yourself looking for a deeper understanding of situations and you need to peel away the layers in order to get to the truth of the matter. You may need to employ both the emotions and the intellect. Ask yourself: what do you want to find and what is being done to reveal the structure or the nitty gritty of situations? Looking inside for clues. Being able to see through layers into the reality of things helps you to be able to make a “Diagnosis” – dia which means “by”, and gnosis which means “knowledge”

Penetrating insight. Having the eyes and the intuition to see. Evaluations. Photographs. Radiation. X-ray vision. Connecting the dots. Finding causes. Insight and revelations.

The Caution: Disregarding the truth. Invading people’s mental, physical or psychic space. Being intense and meaningful. Not knowing when to relax. Undressing others.

It’s interesting to note that Mercury (within a few hours) will soon be on this degree. What are we discerning? What are we learning? Discovering? Dis-covering, perhaps? How can we uncover the ‘truth’ in a world filled with so much illusion?

Mercury is on a degree that I often see around when the president of the US or a prominent prime minister or whatever has their say… also, the Sun has just transited over this degree.


This implies having a message or the voice that others flock to in order to listen. Whether Crowds Coming Down The Mountainyou are the “One Inspired Person”, or someone in the audience, you may feel that you have had some wonderful realizations after hearing inspired messages, from within yourself or from an external source, and now you need to bring these lessons or understandings down to an everyday level in order to integrate them into everyday life. People will have different responses to the messages given. Not all will be responsive, but the message will resonate with those that are meant to hear it. What will be done with this information and how far will it spread?

Power to sway the feelings and thoughts. Having a large audience. Holding the floor. Gurus. Lectures, talks. Best sellers. Tapes recordings. The Jesus story. Idolatry. Presidents.

The Caution: Naiveté, gullibility. Believing someone else holds all the answers. Non stop talking. Wanting everyone to listen regardless of their input or needs. Demanding centre stage.

The dialogue about what the prophet Mohammed did or didn’t do or whether Islam is as good or ‘righteous’ as Christianity can certainly be a signpost of this degree.

I think that the deeper message is to listen to our own minds, our intuition, our ‘knowing’, and, rewards will come from examining our hearts, rather than continually looking at the outside world to confirm our biases (the X Ray specs).

It’s a tricky business being a human being. Especially with the smoke and mirrors that is modern ‘civilization’. 


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