The Sun On Scorpio 3: Neighbors Help In A House-Raising Party In A Small Village And Mercury On Scorpio 1: Tourists On A Sight Seeing Bus

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Neighbours House RaisingThe Sabian Symbol for the Sun today is Scorpio 3: NEIGHBORS HELP IN A HOUSE-RAISING PARTY IN A SMALL VILLAGE – curiously, this is Hillary Clinton’s Sun degree, and, she wrote a book titled It Takes A Village…

This Symbol shows people coming together in order to commune together and build and accomplish something. Rather than going it alone, great things can be achieved if everyone works and pulls together. It is by acting as a community, rather than as separate individuals, that difficult projects can be undertaken and completed. Sharing one’s skills, resources, time, tools and experiences can build worthwhile community values and enduring friendships that enrich and reward the community. Along with the labor, there will be time to share a drink, a meal and a chat, further drawing people into a sense of community and a shared purpose with each other.

Co-operation. Parties. Considering the needs of people. Dormitories. Building bigger and better things. Matchmaking. Community halls. Helping hands. Homeless shelters.

The Caution: Taking advantage of group generosity. Refusing group endeavors. Bickering over who does what. Not trusting people’s input. Shutting off from others.

Meanwhile, we might be so sure that we really belong in this ‘village’, and, of course, our definition of village and community has changed dramatically over the years. We are nowadays part of a huge ‘global village’ as we have the Internet connecting us in ways not possible before. We might be wondering how we fit in and exactly where our real community is, especially as Mercury, and, two days ago, the Sun went over


This Symbol speaks of taking in the world through the senses; seeing, tasting, observing and Tourists On A Sight Seeing Busgetting in amongst what’s going on. There can be a feeling of knowing one’s destination, having a map or guide, but not always knowing what it is truly like. One feels guided and cocooned on the journey, but there can be feelings of being an observer and, sometimes, of being observed. You could, at times, feel like you’re separate from what’s going on. Pictures and souvenirs of your life (your journey) are likely to be collected. The trick with this degree is to throw your self into life, reach out for all sorts of adventures and, most of all, enjoy the journey!

Observing life. Foreign territories. Seeing how other people live. Timing, being on time. Watching from afar. The untried and untrodden or the same old road. UFOS and aliens.

The Caution: Feelings of naivety and gullibility. Feeling like an alien even in familiar surroundings. Getting out of one’s depth. Separation anxiety. Inability to concentrate.

With these degrees operating together at this time, we might feel like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl – not sure where we are, but, having a good look around.



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