The Sun On Taurus 2: An Electrical Storm – Oh Heck Yeah

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


It’s bizarre – my life is like a strange story that I tell and it holographically gets imprinted in the world around me. I know that is how it probably is for everyone but the difference in my case is that I see things in Sabian Symbols, and that narrows things down enormously to degrees and stories…

As most of you may have heard, we are having enormous storms here in Sydney with flooding, trees down everywhere, car accidents, power outages, black skies, people drowning in their own homes… it’s havoc.

Meanwhile, there’s thunder and lightning here in Avalon at 10am in the morning. Although it‘s not entirely unheard of, we don’t tend to get electrical storms in Avalon in the morning. I was just thinking about all of thisAn Electrical Storm when the thunder and lightning swung around again. Weird. And power blackouts. I have power, but many many people here in Sydney don’t today… weird

This degree can speak of all kinds of weather patterns, but mostly those that are opened up in some kind of surprise event… it’s still raining here. There are trees down all over the place. I saw three major car accidents late last night driving down from the mountains to Avalon..

This Symbol implies storms, electrical flashes and brilliance. Storms unleash all kinds of energy; there is tension and a breaking point imminent, but the cleansing deluge is held back while the power of the situation seems to take control. You sometimes seem to have no influence over what is being unleashed. If you can keep a cool head, the energy will dissipate and you will regain control. Brilliant flashes of insight and intuition can come with this energy and things can happen suddenly and sometimes unpredictably.

Reverence for the forces of nature. Nervous reactions. Short circuits and electrical failures. Loud cracks. Flashes of insight. Bursts of energy. Hot flushes. Surges.

The Caution: Being frozen in fear just when one needs to spur to action. Being distracted by momentary things. Power blackouts. Things changing quickly. Losing control.

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