The Sun On The Caravan Of Cars Degree: Virgo 20

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun is on Virgo 20: ‘A Caravan of Cars Headed for Promised Lands’ shows a group of people setting out on a journey to a better place or a better way of life. They’ve probably heard word that life is more promising in some distant place and they’re packed up and are moving in that direction. The ‘Promised Lands’ can literally mean the west coast of America; however, in general terms it means a land that contains some reward, a new way of living.

caravan-holidayThere is a feeling of the need to move on to new thoughts, new ways of doing things, possibly even a new way of life, but you are unlikely to be alone. As this is ‘A Caravan of Cars’ there are probably several others who share the same desires and impulses. Setting out on a new venture can feel very exciting, especially when friends, family or colleagues are as enthusiastic as you are. It may not be a matter of whether these ‘Promised Lands’ have real guarantees of satisfaction or reward, but there’s the need, or desire, to explore these fresh opportunities for the potentials they may hold. The simple act of moving to overcome stagnant lifestyles can create the possibility of some kind of ‘Promise’. Making a commitment to overcome dull routines and leave the past behind with those who share a like mind and intention may be all that is necessary to open the path to a new reality. Heading for the future with a keen sense of excitement and anticipation can open you up to all sorts of possibilities and hope. Some kind of new ‘Land’ or opportunity is an inevitable outcome of this change. Indeed, it can lead to a whole new life. This being said, one should stop for a moment and ponder the reasons for moving on. Do you have to leave loved ones behind in this quest? Is this quest based in reality, or is it something that has more ‘Promise’ than reality?

Keywords: Venturing into life with like-minded companions. The support of others in a quest for the future. Seeking new territory. Rallies and caravans of cars. Exchanging money. Commerce. Buses, caravans, trucks, etc. Leaving behind the known for the unknown. Gypsies. Hollywood, California. “Boom” towns. The “magic bus”.

The Caution: Forsaking the individual path in favor of a more secure, common one. Perpetuating restlessness. Constantly seeking the “pot of gold”. Far-off lands. Inability to settle anywhere. Being a rolling-stone. Forsaking lasting relationships. Crazy goose chases. Running away from problems. Fear of flying.

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