The Sun On The Early Morning Dew Degree: Leo 9

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


morning dew in balboa parkI love this Symbol, and it can be a wonderful thing, but for some it can feel like the ‘long night of the soul’ and there’s a need to feel like a time of darkness has passed and now a new period can emerge into the light of day.

This Symbol shows the relief, joy and motivation that can come from going through cold and difficult times, even dark struggles, and waking up to things being “sunnier” and warmer and full of promise. This is a time of freshness when the “air” (the newly awakened mind) is crisp and the “ground” (the refreshed and renewed body) readies itself for a new round of activity. The rewards may be transitory, so enjoy the good times when they come and salute the more difficult periods as being times of testing and learning. You are likely to go through times when the nights seem very long but there is always the reward of dawn as the sun rises again on a brand new day.

Refreshment after ‘the long night of the soul’. Dawn meditations bringing inspiration. Awakening energies signaling new beginnings. Changing emotions. Counseling.

The Caution: Not letting go of difficult situations. Persisting with problems that have been solved. Feeling that the worst is going to happen all the time. Depression.

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