The Sun On The Empty Hammock Degree: Aries 18

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun is on Aries 18: AN EMPTY HAMMOCK

HammockHave you had trouble relaxing? Do you want to do nothing or just watch tv, but have too much to do? Are you finding it hard to get going?

Do you feel that you always have to be ‘on call’?

This Symbol shows issues of working hard versus taking time out to relax. If you find that you are being too hard on yourself, this Symbol implies that you need to know when to stop, rest and recuperate. Regardless of how much one has to do, it’s no crime to stop to regain your strength. You needn’t sacrifice your opportunity to rest for someone else. Everyone is entitled to their share of peace and pleasure. How about lounging around and taking it easy for a change? Sometimes you need a chance to day dream.

An Empty HammockDetachment. Abandonment. Having too much to do to be able to rest. Sleeping difficulties. Planning for days off or retirement. Having permission to stop.

The Caution: Deliberately pushing your self when in need of rest or not being involved in life’s complexities. Laying around and doing nothing. Being a lounge-lizard.

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