The Sun On The Literary Society Degree: Cancer 23

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Cancer 23: THE MEETING OF A STUDY GROUP OR LITERARY SOCIETY

– do you have people inLiterary Society your life that you can freely share your ideas with? Are you feeling supported in your interests and beliefs? Do you feel that you have to censor your words – or even your thoughts – in order to get along with or be accepted by others? This Symbol shows how important it it to feel like you belong and have acceptance in society…

This Symbol shows the gathering together of those of like mind in order to exchange or share ideas and information. In society, the search for meaning should always be made in order to enrich not only yourself but those around you. Finding the best way to describe something creates the opportunity for greater access by the collective. This can show websites, magazines, newspapers, books; any place that people gather together in order to give an objective view on what’s happening in the culture in order to gain a better understanding of what makes society tick.

Shared knowledge. Print media, newspapers, libraries, written word. Critics. Diaries, records and minutes of meetings. Talk back radio. Discussions. Letters to the editor.

The Caution: Falsifying of ideas. Propaganda spread by media. Intellectual smugness which excludes non-establishment thought. Chatting instead of doing. Being critical.

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