The Sun On The Protection From Harmful Forces Degree – Libra 7

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

women feeding chickensThe Sabian Symbol for the Sun for the next 24 hours is Libra 7: WOMAN FEEDING CHICKENS AND PROTECTING THEM FROM THE HAWKS

This Symbol shows someone who nourishes and protects and feels a sense of being in charge and being responsible for those who can’t look after themselves. In your life, there is probably the need to look after those in your care, whether persons, things or ideas. There could be dangers that no-one else seems to be taking seriously, however your efforts to protect and nourish will be rewarded in the future. Feeding, nourishing and protecting those around you will pay off sometimes in unexpected ways. There’s a need to be careful not to favor some far more than others or to take too much on, or feel responsible for everything and everyone as this can exhaust and limit what you’re trying to accomplish.

Nurturance, protection and guardianship. Shielding the innocents. Stopping the ‘bad guys’. Being firm with outsiders. Providing shelter. Being on the lookout for changes.

The Caution: Over protection. Not coping with problems. Not allowing others to grow up. Being picked on. Seeing the world as a big scary place. Attacking others. Favoritism.

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