The Sun On The Symbol Of Having Enough Fuel For The Future Degree: Aquarius 28

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

A tree felled and sawedThe Sabian Symbol for the Sun is Aquarius 28: A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO ENSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER

This speaks of making sure you have what you need – to be able to think ahead for what you’ll need in the future, to save, to ensure warmth, love and safety for you and yours.

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the need to be able to take what’s available in the environment and use it to your advantage. “Trees” sawed into logs to “Ensure a Supply of Wood For the Winter” implies the ability to be able to plan, or think, ahead. By seeing that you’ll need something in the future, you can work ahead of time to make sure there’s a good supply. There are many things that grow around us during life. Sometimes there can be other uses that are of greater benefit than just to let these things stand like monuments or memories. You may feel a need to sacrifice something old to find its current usefulness. Gather up resources up when you can. Don’t wait until supply might not be so readily available.

Gathering resources. Prepared for harder times. Stockpiling. Open fires. Publishing books. Renewable resources. The making of paper. Printing money. Fuel. Gas. Recycling.

The Caution: Destroying the old for modern advances. Hoarding supplies and not sharing. Not planning ahead. Fear there won’t be enough. Environmental destruction.

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