The Sun On Virgo 15: A Fine Lace Handkerchief

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Fine Ornamental HandkerchiefSometimes the smallest tokens of our past can bring us a sense of security and joy. The scent of the “fabric”, the care and loving that have gone into the crafting of things of beauty give a sense of security and being loved.

This Symbol can bring up the feeling of wanting love and the need for someone in your life. You may need to invite others in. This feeling of being lost and left behind can be relieved with the touch of fabric, a whiff of perfume, etc.; a reminder of people or events past. Warm, sentimental feelings can be expressed, or poured out, showing tenderness and care. Catching your tears on a beautiful lace handkerchief might be a nice way to remind yourself of your true sense of worth and beauty. However, this type of ‘Handkerchief’, being made of ‘Lace’, is not really suited for too many tears, as it can be more of an ornament that a true ‘Handkerchief’. Hence, there can be a sense of false emotion evident with this Symbol. Sometimes we get upset about things that needn’t really upset us, or we put on an emotional show because we feel it’s expected of us. Being wound up and constantly “upset” or demanding emotional attention can put people off. Staying true to your emotions and remembering self-worth may be very important now.

Delicacy of feeling and attention to detail. Winning awards through valor and bravery. Hypersensitivity. Makeup and accessories. Perfume and beautiful things.

The Caution: The artificial sob-story. False sympathy for others. Things from the past. The need for everything to be perfect all the time.

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