The Sun On Virgo 2: A Large White Cross Dominates The Landscape

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Large White Cross LyingThis Symbol can bring about a fair degree of pain, isolation, the desire to live up to expectations of society (or, the rejection of all that!) and a feeling, perhaps, that one has sacrificed so many things and for what? Of course, it feels like redemption is right around the corner as in less than 24 hours, the Sun will conjoin with Jupiter on Virgo 3: Two Guardian Angels Bringing Protection – perhaps the Inquisition is short-lived this time 🙂

This Symbol implies faith, religion and spirituality being dominant factors in society and the life of individuals. These signposts and other expressions of faith have a powerful influence. In your life religion may hold a special place, OR, you may have had a strong sense of religion which dominated your family life and now you reject some, or all, of it. Believing that suffering is the way to salvation has significance for many, but what does it really mean? Often people maintain their spirituality without organized religion being dominant. There can isolation, possibly because of religious beliefs. Don’t sacrifice for others; you may not get much appreciation for doing it anyway.

Religion dominating. The fear or wonder of God. Following a mystic path. Monuments to pain and suffering. Reminders of salvation and faith. Images of redemption.

The Caution: Aloneness or sacrifice or yearning for it. Dogmatism. Being a scapegoat. Symbols that inspire guilt and anguish instead of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

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  • leanne


    The symbols are amazing…every time. Today our Sun at Virgo 2 is also opposite Nessus (the buck stoos here) at Pisces 2 degrees. Sun is also semi sextile our North Node…very Karmic indeed. You better believe old Crosses are being burned today. As you say, redemption is on the way!! On to the new. Woohoo! : )

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