The Sun On Virgo 24: Mary And Her White Lamb

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun is on Virgo 24: MARY AND HER WHITE LAMB

Mary and Her White LambThis can be a Symbol of codependence… we can find ourselves feeling bereft if the ‘other’ is not there. We can find ourselves wondering how we got taken by someone with little or no feelings – a narcissist perhaps – and rather awe inspired that we let certain things happen to us. We may wonder why others don’t appreciate us for our purity of spirit, our dedication and love. We can be like Mary – feeling like we have to shoo someone or something out of our lives because of a loss of freedom, independence, or, because of rules we didn’t even make up OR we might be like the lamb, not understanding why our feelings are not respected – we may even feel discarded.

This Symbol can show purity of motive and pure and wonderful relationships and friendships. However, it can also point to dependence or codependence where people can’t stand to be separate. Hence, relationships may need to be assessed to see how healthy they actually are. The need for constant reassurance that everything is OK can be wearing and put a strain on those involved. Keeping a sense of innocence and purity will lift you up and out of any problems. Be loving and be there for others, but don’t let things get out of hand as you could find yourself sewn at the hip with another and not able to get any free time for yourself.

Simple childlike innocence or pure escapism. Feeling stuck in a relationship. No room to move. Kindness. Friendship. Bonds between people or pets. Looking out for someone. The Jesus and Mary story.

The Caution: Avoidance of the real picture. Naiveté. Doubting motives of others. Paranoia. Stalking. Doe-eyed attraction. Jealousy through favoritism. Being the black sheep.

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