The Sun On Virgo 26: The Boy With The Censer Serving Near The Priest At The Altar

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Sun is on Virgo 26: A BOY WITH A CENSER SERVES NEAR THE PRIEST AT THE ALTAR – this degree can show how we grow and mature and move up through the ranks. It can also speak of helping others to learn as they grow…. however, it can also show how we may be playing second fiddle to someone – do they keep you as a second option? Or, see you as not worthy of getting the ‘top job’ or position?

Boy Priest Second Fiddle AltarThis Symbol implies doing an apprenticeship or spending time with someone who knows about a skill, craft or profession, or, being in an authoritarian position with someone younger or less experienced who is rising up through the ranks, learning as they go. It doesn’t matter what part you’re playing; even the smallest contribution is an important part of the whole. Give reverence and respect to everyday routines, and find hope renewed through the promise of what’s to come in the future. Either your time is coming as you grow and mature and take a higher position in life, or, you’re handing over the reins to someone younger who’s prepared to carry on with the work.

Doing what’s simple, with silence and devotion. Participating in the toil, but not the glory. Altars and shrines. Incense and candles. Passing down wisdom and knowledge. Looking up to those in power.Work experience.

The Caution: Being dominated by spiritual hierarchy. Doing ‘lesser things’ to avoid responsibility. An imbalance of rewards and responsibilities. Abuse of power. Taking advantage of the innocent.

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