The Venus/Saturn Conjunction On Sagittarius 15: The Ground Hog Looking For Its Shadow On Ground Hog Day

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

the-groundhog-looking-for-its-shadow-on-ground-hog-dayIt’s interesting to note the Sabian Symbol for the current Venus/Saturn conjunction. I see this conjunction on this degree as highlighting how many may be seeing how they, or their country, politicians, cultural ethos, etc, look in the ‘clear light of day’. Whether we’re in the US, Great Britain, Australia, etc, we may be taking (or needing to take) a good, hard look at where we come from, where we are and where we’re going… and, we might find some issues to do with our culture rather surprising…

It’s Sagittarius 15 – 

THE GROUND HOG LOOKING FOR ITS SHADOW ON GROUND HOG DAY – do you feel like you’re in a seemingly never ending loop of a movie? Are you waking up to the same reality and wishing things would change, that the ‘spring’ would come so you could get out and about and change your focus and go back to thinking about the things that you enjoy?

– the following is from my book – The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 


Nice going boys, you’re playing yesterday’s tape. Ground Hog Day

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Soren Kierkegaard

Does Phil feel lucky? Ground Hog Day

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us. Hermann Hesse

The life that is unexamined is not worth living. Plato

A little man often casts a long shadow. Italian Proverb

If you stand straight do not fear a crooked shadow. Chinese Proverb

He has great tranquility of heart who cares neither for the praises nor the fault-finding in men. Honore de Balzac

Commentary: ‘The Ground Hog Looking For its Shadow on Ground Hog Day’, by its the-ground-hog-looking-for-its-shadow-on-ground-hog-day-gifreactions and movements, provides clues as to whether winter would continue or spring will come with its warmth and rewards. As ‘Ground Hog Day’ is in February in the northern hemisphere, it symbolizes a time of cold, snow and the stiff breezes of winter. Although more fable than real, the ‘Ground Hog’ is said to be able to sense whether there’s a change in the air. If he feels spring approaching, he gives a sign so others may know and anticipate it themselves. The ‘Ground Hog’ is somewhat of a “star” on ‘Ground Hog Day’, as people are watching him, wondering what he will signal. There is a lot of projection happening here as the animal is not consciously doing anything.

Oracle: You may need some sign to give you insight into the future. The solution to your question is close by and easy to perceive. It is based in your normal environment and relationships. Don’t focus on things continuing to be hard or difficult, as this can lead to it actually happening. Don’t read too much into things, as they may not be as they seem. However, acknowledging your ‘Shadow’, and your projections and perceptions, will bring the clarity that’s sought. Reading books, watching movies or television, hearing the words of a song, observing everyday life and the people around can remind you of things that have happened in your life. However, continually or compulsively looking for signs of assurance when they can be readily available on the physical plane can lead to losing your way, and worrying too much about what you cause in your life. There can be difficulty in finding rest, or sleep, when one looks continually at their life and the effects that one creates. Are you relying on messages from the past? People may be with you, or this may be a lonely journey. Welcome the spring, and don’t look back!

ground-hog-day-6amKeywords: Looking back, reading the signs. Divination and other systems of inquiry. Seeing society as being to blame. People having a good look at how they seem to others. Wondering how others perceive you and picture you. Prophets that can tell the “weather” ahead of time. Predictions. Prognosticating. Welcoming an early spring. Scrutinizing objectives and possible outcomes. Looking to nature for clues.

The Caution: Being scared to act without some message of confirmation. People (or society) looking for someone else to blame for conditions. Relying on the same solutions without consideration of changes. Blizzards and the cold.

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