Two Fairies Dancing – The Sun On Cancer 7

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Two Fairies DancingThe Sabian Symbol for the Sun today is Cancer 7: TWO FAIRIES (NATURE SPIRITS) DANCING ON A MOONLIT NIGHT

This Symbol implies enjoying the company of like minded people and sharing moments of fun, fantasy and celebrations. Moments spent together are likely to be very enjoyable, but there could be a sense of wanting to escape reality, especially the reality of what’s possible in your situation. Your intuition and imagination are heightened, with a strong sense of your emotional and spiritual center. Whilst maintaining touch with reality, you’ll want to let go of the rational and enjoy the experience of being with others, or, at least, one very special person. Allow your relationship to flow but you may find things look different in the clear light of day.
Usually unseen astral realms. Reconnecting with the feminine. Full moon celebrations. Women celebrating. Invoking fantasies. Dreams. Moonlight. Unrealistic romances.

The Caution: Being lost in emotional dreaming. Not seeing people clearly. Lacking responsibility. Depending on things that have no future or stability. Escapist attitudes.

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