Venus and Mars on Aries 1: A Mermaid Emerging From The Ocean

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mars and Venus on Aries 1 – a momentous moment of change and transformation – stepping into new territory with a new mission.

Finding your feet and your voice is a big part of this equation. It is also about finding love. The Mermaid is ‘Embraced By A Seal’ in one of the readings of this Symbol. The seal is the presence that welcomes her into concrete manifestation after a time of being swamped, perhaps hidden, in the oceanic pool of consciousness that is ‘The Ocean’ – here, we emerge out of Pisces…


'The Mermaid' by Howard Pyle

“The Mermaid” by Howard Pyle, painted in 1910. A wonderful visualization of Aries 1: A Woman Has Risen Out of the Ocean, a Seal is Embracing Her

‘A Woman Has Risen Out of the Ocean’. She is consciously aware of leaving the past behind in order to emerge into a whole new arena of existence and activity. The ‘Seal Embracing Her’ symbolizes her being welcomed into this new arena. This degree is right on the cusp of Pisces and Aries, when the yearly astrological cycle begins again. It’s like the beginning of a new year. In the Northern hemisphere it marks the beginning of spring—the Spring Equinox. Long ago there was a belief that the spirits of those who had drowned at sea had the ability to enjoy life in the ocean in the form of ‘Seals’. When they wished, the Selkies could, once per moon cycle, swim ashore, drop their sealskins and become mortals again.

New understandings and awareness are coming to light. Whatever is emerging, either in you or around you needs to be accepted, welcomed and nurtured. It’s best to resist the old familiar ways of being or relating as they can pull you back to outgrown and possibly unsatisfactory conditions. Maybe you feel you are not being acknowledged, don’t have a voice or are not being heard. Take heart as comfort and salvation are likely to be found in the most unexpected places. Despite any setbacks, be aware that you possess the power to make the necessary changes in your life. It is time to claim your place or make a mark in this new world. So much potential lies ahead of you. Welcome this new beginning and be fearless in the face of the changes that are coming. Accept the ‘Embrace’ of those who welcome you into this new sphere. It is inevitable that you’ll leave something behind as you move into this new territory. Enjoy the journey and give birth to self-love, self-worth and divine creativity. Let go of the past and emerge into life and love.

Keywords: Cycles starting. Beginnings. Emergence into concrete manifestation. Embracing and honoring the shadow. Recognizing our animal side. Tropical islands or lands. Rocky shores. Seals. Oceans and water. Shedding skins. Transmutation. The Selkie myth. Grounding one’s energy. Stepping between the sea and the shore. Androgyny. Love and its embrace. Finding your feet and your voice. Mermaids.

The Caution: Using masculine power to overshadow emotions. Refusing to move on. Feeling held back by fears and old life patterns. Falling back into previous, unsatisfactory conditions. Dragging others backwards. Immobilizing fear of the unknown. Being just another “fish in the sea”

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