Venus And Mercury and Mars: Looking For Love (In All The Right Places?)

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Fisherman and The Siren. Frederick Lord Leighton (345x500) (2)Venus is on Leo 29 at the moment, which can bring up issues to do with relationships and the desire for the feeling of being loved. It’s an interesting degree, and, one that has had a lot of action on it, both last year in July and August as Jupiter and Mercury transited it, along with Saturn squaring this degree from Scorpio 29 in August and September. Recently, also, we have had Mars squaring this degree. In fact, although Mars has now moved into Sagittarius, it is still forming a square to Venus in Leo. This will wane over the next few days.

Of course, some will not care to be in a relationship and will not see this degree as about having a ‘partner’ or a companion. Some are not interested in the idea of going into a relationship – however, we might still be seeing this degree active in the world around us – through the things we’re seeing in the media, the conversations we’re having with others, etc. It is interesting to note that this is the Moon’s north node of Princess Diana (and this Symbol certainly came to pass for her, for good or for ill).


The following is my interpretation from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom – 

Commentary: The ‘Mermaid Has Climbed to the Rocky Shore of a Bleak Coast’, shows a woman who has perhaps felt like she previously merely existed in the waters of life and is now ready to emerge into a more conscious existence as an individual in her own right. She is willing to ‘Climb the Rocky Shore’ no matter how ‘Bleak’ the ‘Coast’ may be. She may have to leave her home and past behind in order to move into a new life, a new relationship or a new beginning of some kind. She will learn to better communicate her emotions, thoughts and ideas. In being able to more fully verbalize and express herself and to “walk her talk”, she can find her place and sense of purpose: the ‘Immortality’ that can be achieved in this new reality.

Oracle: You must have belief in your ability to cope as an individual emerging into new arenas. ‘The Prince Who Will Bring Her Immortality’, can show the seeking of perfection in one’s self through relationships. Be careful not to project too much authority onto your partner. This can lead to feelings of insecurity and being out of one’s depth. You may be expecting others to acknowledge your existence, possibly feeling invisible until they do. However, other people, and probably someone in particular, may bring you insights into your capabilities, talents and attributes so that you can become more of what you’re meant to become. The female/mermaid, male/prince doesn’t necessarily always translate into these gender definitions. The ‘Mermaid’ may indeed be male, waiting for his “princess” to come to make his life complete. Whichever, how will the partner cope when the ‘Mermaid’ truly gains her own feet and voice? With this new sense of belonging, ideas can be brought into reality in a new world of experience.

Keywords: Coming into conscious form. New ways of being. Transformation. New forms emerging out of the past. Needing, and probably expecting, recognition. Feeling different from the crowd. Learning to stand on your own two feet. Problems with feet and legs. Longing to make an impression.

The Caution: Focusing on social or rational aspects before being ready. Naivety. Being thrown in the deep end. Relying on relationships too much. Looking to the other for validation of one’s existence. Co-dependent behavior.

Mercury, however, may been leading us astray in thinking that we are not going to get our desires met. Mercury is on the Harem degree, and this can have us feeling like we’re not going to be ‘the chosen one’ (whatever that might mean to you). We may feel that we are lost amongst all the people that are clamouring for their ‘place in the sun’ – in a relationship, in your career, or otherwise.

Mercury is on Virgo 7: A HAREM – again, quoting from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

Commentary: ‘A Harem’ is a Symbol of women being, living and working together. They In The Haremare often dictated to by the needs of just one person or authority. Sometimes the women are happy with fulfilling the needs and desires of the “master”; sometimes they’re not. Women in a ‘Harem’ often enjoy each other’s company more than they enjoy “the man”. Amongst the women in a ‘Harem’, there is at least one person who acts as the “leader”, someone that the others look up to. Even though they need to get along and function together as a team, there are still their individual personalities, qualities and gifts to consider.

Oracle: This Symbol can indicate too many people in a relationship or finding happiness through women friends and the sacrifices that may have to be accepted to achieve this. As this is ‘A Harem’, there may be a feeling of being dominated or being part of a group where people compete for whatever small benefits are available. Some women want to have their women friends all to themselves, and of course men sometimes do this with each other, as well. In a ‘Harem’, sometimes the men believe they are in charge, when in reality it is the women calling the shots! You may find it hard to be taken seriously, to be appreciated for your individuality or be noticed apart from the crowd. Have faith; you can use your charm and the appealing aspects of your nature to succeed. A greater sense of security can come when life is protected, the finances covered, and one’s relationship needs are satisfied. However, the desire for protection can lead to the decision to give up other things in life. When we feel secure and just hang out with each other, we can be more creative, carefree and empathetic to the needs and desires of others. Remember, we all have a unique role.

Keywords: Rising above jealousy, arrogance and passion. Waiting to be bestowed with the gift of being “chosen”. Women’s circles, sometimes closed. Women’s groups. Working together. Sharing feminine rituals and stories. Egyptian tales. One person calling the shots. Beauty salons. Seduction of the senses. Having one’s needs serviced. Women pampering each other. People who serve. Adoring the other. Sultans. Polygamy.

The Caution: Being just one of “the mob”. Not having a sense of personal importance. Mistrust of other women. Seeing people as competition. The spread of socially unacceptable diseases. Locked doors. Sexual infidelity. Needing the love of many. Eunuchs. Assuming the right to dominate others.

The Harem degree can show the desire to spend more time with groups of friends, whether female or male – a feeling of wanting to ‘belong’. It all depends on your individual situation or consciousness. It is, though, interesting to see Venus and Mercury showing up through these degrees, both at the same time.

Meanwhile, Mars has just entered Sagittarius, taking the heat out of Mars after the very long sojourn retrograde in Scorpio (some seven months!). We can feel a sense of relief as the intensity subsides somewhat. It’s interesting to note that the Sabian Symbol for Mars speaks of a ‘Reunion’ = some may experience a reunion with someone from their past, OR, it could feel as if you’ve known a certain person for years and years, perhaps lifetimes.


ReunionCommentary: ‘Retired Army Veterans Gather to Reawaken Old Memories’ is an image of a gathering or reunion of people who have shared some kind of companionship, struggle or history. In this ‘Gathering’, comrades reminisce about tales of the “old days”, ‘Reawakening Old Memories’. Gathering together can ignite old feelings of camaraderie and great passions, even amongst people that they may not remember or know so well. This can evoke many emotions, all the way from sadness to laughter and amazement.

Oracle: In the situation facing you, going over the memories of “old battles” may bring clues to how you can handle any current ones. You may be drawn to those who have shared your struggle or have gone through similar battles in life. Perhaps you haven’t seen each other for a very long time. Through sharing these ‘Old Memories’, old wounds can be healed as new insights are gleaned. There’s a need to be cautious, though, as this ‘Gathering’ can often exclude those who don’t measure up or fit in. This Symbol can point to a feeling of “being in the club”, with those that don’t share these memories feeling as though they’re on the outside, looking in. Are there people who feel that they are left out of sharing these experiences? Having not had the same history, experiences or the woes of battle that the others have, can make them feel that they are on the other side of the fence, and, in extreme cases, they may seem like “the enemy”. Also, the ‘Gathering to Reawaken Old Memories’ can reinforce injuries, wounds and hurts and these can be brought up, so that they’re rehashed over and over. This can cause difficulties in healing, recovery, forgiving and forgetting, all of which may be necessary in order to move on. As these are ‘Retired Army Veterans’, it’s through the passing of time and with the hindsight of age that many things can be laid to rest.

Keywords: Masculine domains. Understanding the individual’s needs and idealistic struggles. Moratoriums and calls for peace. Past life memories of fellowship. Prisoners of war. Memorials to war. Bringing up painful memories in the hope of sharing understanding and healing. Tears of the past. Being confronted by memories. School, and other, reunions. Talking over strategies. Finding comrades. Brothers and sisters.

The Caution: Being unable to let go of the past. Exaggerating past successes to justify current strategies. Excluding others as being “unworthy”, having not experienced the struggle or pain. Going over things from the past and never letting them go. Boasting and glorifying. Identities that belong in the past.

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