Venus And Neptune Opposition – The Harem And The Army Officers In Full Dress

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is opposite Neptune, bringing a sense of the ideal, the dream, the illusions, the addictions, issues of co-dependency, happiness, sacrifice, all kinds of relationship issues to the surface. At first, we can’t quite see what’s going on as Neptune tends to put a vaseline greased lens on the surface. We have to dive deeper to get a grip on what is really going on. Meanwhile, things slide in and out of our view and we have to adjust our receptors in order to truly tune in. We may be seeing and living the dream OR we might wake up to things being very difficult than we might have hoped or imagined. Whatever is happening, a sense of hope and faith in the future can move things forward – as always…

Venus is on Virgo 7: A HAREM

In The HaremThis Symbol shows being in a group, or a “Harem”. A “Harem” is a symbol of women being, living and working together. Sharing with others, whether they are women or men, in an atmosphere of trust and belonging can bring rewards of all kinds to your life. There may be a feeling of being dominated or being part of a group where you compete for whatever small benefits may be available. Perhaps you are not taken seriously enough. There is a need to use your charm and appealing aspects of your nature to succeed in order to stand out from the crowd and claim a special place for yourself.

Rising above jealousy, arrogance and passion. Waiting to be bestowed with the gift of being ‘chosen’. Women’s groups. Working together and sharing women’s rituals or stories.

The Caution: Believing in the right to dominate those in less powerful social circumstances OR not giving oneself a sense of importance in the situation. Mistrust.

And Neptune is smack opposite on Pisces 6: A PARADE OF ARMY OFFICERS IN FULL DRESS –

Neptune here can have us realising that we have to ‘suit-up’ and get going with the thingsArmy Officer that need to be done, the ideals that we need to stand up for, to turn up kitted-out with the right equipment and attitude. Venus opposing Neptune as it is at the moment can have us feeling a bit tired and wanting to take some time out. As long as we feel that we won’t be punished for ‘not turning up on time and with the right attitude’, we may benefit from a little respite from all that needs to be done. Or course, often with this type of configuration, we can find ourselves in amongst the crowd with so much to do and so little time. Remembering one’s personal authenticity helps in amongst the dreamy, sometimes deceptive energies that can be floating in the air.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to spring to attention and rally to show others their duty, honor and their protection of the community and the higher ideals. You may find that recognition needs to be given for service and dedication to the community. Dedication, discipline and duty bring their own rewards and it is often people with this Symbol that turn up first with whatever is needed in order to make people feel better, protected or recognized. Putting on your best face, and your uniform – and there are many ‘uniforms’ that can be worn – and joining with others will ensure success. There may be issues of showing one’s ‘authority’ in public, staking one’s claim as part of the broader community that works to protect and bring everyone together.

National pride displayed. Patriotism. Memories of war. Being committed to service. Being dressed up. Putting on a uniform. Medals. Stripes. Drills. Routines. Parades.

The Caution: ‘Stiff’ and unfeeling. Having special privileges that other’s don’t. Having to do what one must do. Drills and boring routines. ‘Drill sergeants’. Sloppy dressing.

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