Venus And Neptune Together on Pisces 7: The Illumination Of Faith Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus and Neptune are conjunct (together on the same degree) – and the meeting of these two can bring up some wonderful dreams or not-so-wonderful nightmares. Venus and Neptune can have us wondering where the ‘dream’ is, we might be low on energy or wondering if we can keep going. Perhaps we made some wrong choices or we feel rather invisible, unimportant or off the map.

Faith, clinging to cross  02-21-2013 11-12-39 PMVenus/Neptune can also bring a sense of divine love – along with an exquisite sensitivity to our environment or the people around us.

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction is very telling in that we can feel like we’ve misplaced our priorities, perhaps we’ve trusted the wrong people, been take for a ride, feel that we don’t fit in, etc. The etc has many possibilities, of course.

We have to remember to tune into ‘the shaft of light’ that ‘illuminates’ our journey. To remember to have faith and to trust in life. This was Princess Diana’s Chiron degree – which opposed her Pluto on The Harem degree (I can and have talked extensively about her chart, it is extraordinary). When she was buried, it was reported that right at that time a shaft of light beamed down and illuminated Dodi’s tomb – the light was reported to have lit up the letters DI in the name DODI inscribed there. I was amazed and delighted to see this reported, it was so extraordinary. It should be remembered that Diana’s mother in law was Queen Elizabeth, who is the head of the Church Of England… that’s some inheritance. The opposite Symbol, The Harem (Virgo 7), is an interesting counter-point and one that’s very interesting to consider.


This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to stay firm in one’s faith and belief in life even when one’s hopes and dreams take a battering. There may be feelings of chaos and misplaced loyalties in your life, like something has been sacrificed for no real cause and some things have come to nothing. If you’re feeling this, you may want to see if perhaps your aim was too high and things came crashing down as a result of a lack of care, by yourself or others, or through people opposing your objectives or success. Having faith and a positive end in sight, you can experience a wonderful spiritual awakening – reconnecting with your spiritual ideals. Concentrate on the “Shaft of Light” as this can show you that white light is all around you.

Renewed dedication after loss. Signs of recovery and hope. Coming to terms with loss or failure. Important, substantial sacrifices. Finding the way through the dark. Faith and hope.

The Caution: Losing faith. Hopes completely dashed. Unable to see through the fog. Scorn, persecution or attack through religious or social reasons. Sacrifices, sometimes for nothing.

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  • happybird

    The illustration you have for this symbol is one my friend & I used to seek out at the wonderful vogelmarkten in Belgium & Holland. “The Rock of Ages” to me represents a sort of hope when all else is lost.
    Reading your text I really connect with the feeling of floundering in the wash of so much going on even while winter has presented so many impediments—or is it also that anticlimactic feeling that eventually sets in as the newness of the new year recedes?
    In any case, whenever you post this little card I always feel a sense of great hope–it’s not the religious imagery so much, but rather that in some of these same little motif-cards we used to search for there was depicted instead of a stone cross, a sturdy woman who reaches down to pull the hapless swimmer up from the tumbling waves.
    Rock of Ages [to me] really sends a shout of, “Hang on dear one, life is going to come around.”

  • Lynda

    Thanks, Happybird, love your story here – it contributes to that feeling of great hope. Yes, we don’t want to flounder – we want more to be that sturdy individual! Cheers and thanks for leaving your lovely comment!

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