Venus and The Sun On Gemini 21: A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

A Tumultous Labor Demonstration We Can Do ItThe Sun and Venus are meeting up for the second time this week. Are you feeling like life is being somewhat unkind, unfair, uncompromising to your values, pushing you into wanting to protest, take to the streets, etc? 

The first time the Sun and Venus got together was on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, on Gemini 18: TWO CHINESE MEN TALKING CHINESE IN A WESTERN CROWD – with this degree, we can feel somewhat alienated, as if we have a separate language, a separate way of looking at the world, as if we have just a few people who understand the way we think, or the language we speak.

The following is my interpretation that is in Solar Fire. If you have SF, you can set it up so you can click on the degrees on a chart and up will come my shortened Sabian Symbol interpretations.

This Symbol implies being able to find someone to communicate with, even when you’re in what might feel like alien territory. You may feel that you are often surrounded by people who don’t understand you or even suspect your ways of doing things or your motives. Finding someone of like mind or feeling will help you feel more comfortable and secure. Thinking and speaking in your native tongue or a language that reflects your thoughts and beliefs will bring greater ease and comfort. Sharing mutual thoughts can help transcend feelings of alienation and can lead to new understanding.

Transcending feelings of alienation. Having a specialized language that doesn’t communicate with everyone. Having a completely different mindset. Interpretations.

The Caution: Not adapting to the world around you. Being with people who don’t share philosophies or understanding. Not communicating on your own level. Judging others as different.

On Thursday and Friday – and spilling over into Saturday (depending on where you are, but don’t be concerned about the exact timing – this energy is a major influence on events for the entire week) – the Sun and Venus are on –


The following is from my book The Sabian Oracle: 360 Degrees Of Wisdom

Commentary: ‘A Tumultuous Labor Demonstration’ is shown. It seems there are many people who are unhappy and who feel that they are not getting their fair share. ‘Labor Demonstrations’ can cause work to come to a standstill as people make their point. There is an injustice that needs righting and a spontaneous group reaction may be what is needed to wake up those in charge. Sometimes there’s a need to lift one’s voice or make a huge fuss otherwise nothing will be done; things are not likely to change by themselves. Sometimes it is only by rallying many people together in a common cause that you can be heard, or be taken seriously. Indeed, grinding things to a halt may be the appropriate thing to do at this time.

Oracle: This Symbol is suggesting that there are probably others who are involved or sympathetic to your situation. However, if there is a feeling of being alone and powerless, it is important to find out what level of support you actually have. Responses to this situation can cause emotions, and therefore actions, to get out of control. On the other hand, if you are the one trying to take advantage of someone else because you think they haven’t got the power to defy you, you may be unleashing a reaction that will involve many other people. Whatever the situation, never underestimate the power of the collective, whether the people be blue collar or corporate. Indeed, the level of one’s status plays a somewhat diminished role when it comes to the power and might of the majority. It is important to speak up for your rights and when the issues are important there is good reason to seek out support. You will be surprised how much support for the cause is out there. Stand up for what you want and see what happens.

Keywords: Pushing for change to the status quo. Feeling hard done by or taken advantage of. Seeking a better share of the profits. Protest about having too much to do. Standing up for yourself. Issues being trivialized. Overreaction. Melodramatic approaches to serious issues. Voting for change. Periodic blowing up. The rights of democracy. People in the street. Peace rallies.

The Caution: Using the group to accomplish a personal agenda. Asking for more than one’s share, or not being able to ask for one’s share. Protests that can lead to riots. Resisting change. Feeling that one’s vote or voice doesn’t count. Emotions that get completely out of hand. Refusing to cooperate or to be productive. Brutality and violence.


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