Venus Highlights Communal Love And Compassion

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Christmas tree 2Phew…. the video below is a real tear jerker… and how gorgeous. And it shows the Sabian Symbol for Venus today – if you watch it, you’ll see right at the end that they named the dog Holly…

This Symbol speaks of the joy and togetherness of celebrations such as Christmas. It shows the need for experiencing or accepting family and friends and celebrating cultural ties, and enjoying release from more difficult times. Activities of the group will bring joy to all those who participate or pass close enough to see. Gathering people together in a common cause in order to celebrate festivities and a sense of family can enliven everyone and give them hope. Joy will spread and life will be celebrated.
The fruits of one’s culture. Warmth within although it may be cold outside. Festive seasons and giving and receiving gifts and good wishes. Family and friends.
The Caution: Loneliness. Unfulfilled longings for family togetherness. The pretence of happiness or success in a show for purely social reasons. Only doing the externals.

Plus, it reflects the degree of Venus tomorrow – see how they can work in concert –

This Symbol shows caring, sympathy and nursing others so they may find health and comfort. You probably have a lot of work of your own, but you have to give your time to those needing help first. A great deal of inner healing can be achieved when helping, however, this can be difficult when you have to do too much. You may have to cross over into the ‘dark side’ in order to bring light to situations. Adopt a hands-on attitude to looking after others and ensuring they get their needs met.
Compassionate understanding and caring. Breaking down borders between one self and others. Finding reserves of energy to keep going. Giving and also receiving. Healing.
The Caution: ‘Fussing’ and doing more than one needs to. Being a doormat and doing more than your share. Being officious and bossy. Feeling used. Unable to rest.

‘Christmas’ and the meaning of it (no matter what time of the year we’re talking about) can imply warmth and comfort to those who are allowed ‘in’ – and may exclude those who don’t ‘fit in’ or aren’t welcome to join in the celebrations and the food. To be a true ‘Red Cross Nurse’ implies crossing all boundaries, all borders, and treating everyone and everything with compassion and love.

The video is a tear jerker. 

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