The Sabian Symbol for Venus is Gemini 19: IN A MUSEUM A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM and I’m just about to announce the launch of this new website devoted to the Sabian Symbols.

Book in a museumThis Symbol speaks of knowledge and wisdom coming through from those who went before. In a progressive world we look so often for new ideas and new solutions and Traditional wisdom is nowadays often ignored. Many old traditions may no longer be relevant to the present but ‘Traditional Wisdom’ is something we can often benefit from. You may be experiencing intuitive wisdom outside of your own experience and potential. This wisdom is inherent in us all and needs merely to be tapped to be understood. Learn from the best of the past. The truths held there are worthy and valuable to you in the now.

Reading, studying and learning. Collective knowledge and wisdom from ancient sources. Enormous potential to be tapped. Akashic records. Astrology. Oracles. Books bound in leather.

The Caution: Not understanding wise messages or advice OR being caught up in accepting only what tradition dictates. Old and outdated laws. Going strictly by the book.

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