Venus Is On Gemini 20: The Many Choices For Fulfillment Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

The Cafeteria - DisneylandVenus is on Gemini 20: A CAFETERIA WITH AN ABUNDANCE OF CHOICES

– what choices do you have? What is on your agenda? What do you really need? What is going to nourish and feed your soul?

This Symbol shows the wide range of nourishment, opportunity and the ability to have things in our modern world. There are so many choices but each choice has its price, so be¬†careful what you choose. Each will nourish you, but some things are far more nourishing and sustaining than others. However, there is so much on display and available that if you don’t like your first choice you can get something else – that is if you can afford it. Take what you need, enjoy it and realize the abundance that’s happening in your life. Make sure that what you get is good quality as many things are not.

Overwhelming alternatives. Having one’s hungers satisfied versus satiation. Everything provided. Self-service. Salivating over what’s on display. Overweight. Credit cards.

The Caution: Taking everything you can regardless of needs. Inability to make decisions. So many choices. Things so near, but so far. Inability to satisfy. Being stuffed with stuff.

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