Venus Is On Gemini 21: The Folks Going On Strike Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Tumultuous Labour DemonstrationVenus is on Gemini 21: A Tumultuous Labour Demonstration –

– and Venus is trining Mars and the Moon’s north node in Libra – so, we could find that others are sympathy, or, at least, feel the same way… there could be collectives of people all joining in and wondering when things are going to even out.

This makes me laugh out loud with what’s happening today in Australia – what are you rallying against, railing about, resisting, stamping your foot about, realising where you put in too much energy and others possibly not enough, feeling like you need a holiday or time off, wondering where your next dollar is going to come from if you don’t toe the line?

This Symbol shows a need to periodically stand up when things aren’t going well or when there’s a feeling of being taken advantage of. There are probably many others who are involved in or sympathetic to your situation. However, there may be a feeling of being alone and powerless, so it is important to find out what level of support you have. There are injustices around that need righting and a spontaneous group reaction may be what has to be done to wake up those in charge. Be wary that your emotions don’t take the better of you and that you don’t get into the habit of going off the rails in order to get what you want.

Pushing for change to the status quo. Feeling hard done by or taken advantage of. Seeking a better share of the profits. Protest about having too much to do. Tantrums.

The Caution: Using people for personal agendas. Issues to do with getting one’s share. Resisting change. Feeling that one’s vote or voice doesn’t count. Rowdy emotions.

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