Venus Is On The Leaping Into The Void Degree: Leo 5

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is on one of the ‘mourning degrees’ – Leo 5 (4+ Leo)… ROCK FORMATIONS TOWERING OVER A DEEP CANYON

Rock Formations Towering Over A Deep CanyonDo you feel like you’ve been backed into a corner with no escape? Are you feeling like your back is against a wall? Are you feeling like you’re between a rock and a hard place? Are you examining where you might find a good ‘jumping off’ place to get something started?

This Symbol shows situations that tend to be rock solid, steady and established. You may find that the natural structure of situations in your life are, on the one hand, carefully developed over time (there is a history here), but on the other hand, it’s right on the edge of a deep chasm. There seems to be no going back; forward is the only way out and the solution may be just to ‘jump into the void’. It may be a lonely journey, but you could find new depths of experience that others could only imagine. Still, situations may look unchanging and stuck with your back against the wall, but time may tell a different story. The choice: taking chances or standing still.

Old structures and deep hazards. Doing a “Geronimo”. Extreme sports. Risk taking. Great heights. Waterfalls. Monuments. Giant leaps of faith required in order to move forward. Masada.

The Caution: Painting your self into a corner. Not being able to retrace one’s steps. Erosion. Cracks appearing. Feeling like life is impossibly hard. No safety nets.

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