Venus Is On The Skating On Ice Degree: Gemini 24

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Children Skating On Ice vintage postcard– is there something you feel you should tip toe around? Are there situations or people you feel you have to avoid or tread carefully with? Are you feeling cold and alone and not able to play the way you’d like to?

This Symbol speaks of children having to tread carefully and watchfully. Situations are likely to come up where you may not know exactly what to do and you probably have to make the most of challenging situations. If you feel like you’re on “thin ice” you may have to tread carefully, planning each step as you go and listening for cracks the entire time. If you don’t acknowledge changes and adjust yourself accordingly you may be at a disadvantage. Be wary of blindly rushing into anything – you may get to the point where you can’t safely return to where you began. If, however, you set out to have fun while being mindful of your environment, this could be a fun filled time with lots of shared experiences with good friends.

Skating over difficulties. Finding creative and childlike solutions to problems. Treading on eggshells. Children facing physical or emotional hardship. Parents that crack up.

The Caution: Rushing out before checking that it is safe. Living for momentary pleasures. Getting away with things through naivety and childishness. Falling through the cracks.

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