Venus On Cancer 22: When My Ship Comes In

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Woman Waiting A ShipAre you feeling like you’re hanging out waiting for something to happen? For happiness to find you? That one day you’ll win the lottery? Love will find you? This Symbol, especially with Venus here, can have us feeling like we’re in a hiatus, perhaps frozen wondering which way things are going to go.

How much of human life is lost in waiting. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every ship is a romantic object, except that which we sail in. Ralph Waldo Emerson

This Symbol shows someone who feels that there is a strong sense that the ideal will come if one just waits long enough. The waiting can lead to a pleasurable expectation, but it’s important not to become dependent on unreliable expectations. If you are constantly looking out, then you are not giving enough time to looking back or inward at the things you already possess or have ready access to. How long are you prepared to wait on the dock for your ship to come in? Has it already come in but you have not even noticed?

Waiting for something to arrive. Escapist fantasies that waste time. Travel and the longing for escape. Nervous anticipation. Expectant waiting. Time and tides. Boats.

The Caution: Longing for fulfillment that may never come. Hoping that things will one day ‘happen’. Missing opportunities through emotional inaction. Rocking someone’s boat.

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