Venus On Cancer 25: A Leader Of Men Wrapped In An Invisible Mantle Of Power

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


A Leader Of Men Wrapped In An Invisible Mantle Of PowerI have a special place in my heart for this degree – it is powerful, magnetic and amazing – that is, unless someone is abusing that power – then, it can be a manipulative and difficult energy to navigate – especially if someone is pathological or otherwise abusive.

When I see this degree in someone’s chart – natally, by transit or by progression, I will often advise them to see themselves wrapped in that ‘invisible cloak of power’ in order to protect themselves from difficult outside forces, and, in order to keep a close reign on their own powers – keeping them close to themselves in order to use them wisely.

This Symbol points to ‘Invisible’ levels of ‘Power’ that are cloaking someone. It could show someone who’s powerful, a leader, someone to be reckoned with. There is often an unavoidable need to accept powerful responsibilities and to respond rationally to anything that needs to be done. It is almost as though this has been thrust upon you, but it is as much because you have placed yourself in this position of power and responsibility and you both understand and accept the consequences of the role. If this is not about you, it can be about someone else in your environment. Take care not to lord it over others.

Leadership and its responsibilities. Powerful descent of energies taking over one’s very being. Recognizing brilliance and power. Mantles of power. Cloaks and shawls.

The Caution: Outer shows of superiority. Presuming oneself to be more than one is. Megalomania. Not owning one’s magnificence. Being pushy. The weight of the world on one’s shoulders.

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  • leanne


    This is my natal Sun’s Sabian Degree!

    I have really been enjoying your service, talent, and recordings. I will email you shortly as I would love for you to do my full chart reading if you have time.

    In appreciation,


    • Lynda

      Hey Leanne, sorry for not replying earlier – life has been somewhat hectic! I hope all is good with you – thanks for your lovely feedback 🙂

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