Venus On Cancer 5: The Racing Along And Managing To Avoid The Wreckage Degree

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Car Wrecked By A TrainSome of the standard readings for this degree speak of the ‘Car’ getting ‘Wrecked’ at a ‘Railroad Crossing’. I have chosen to lessen the impact (please excuse the pun) and downgrade the more difficult or negative connotations of this Symbol.

This is an interesting Symbol in that it talks about taking on the collective – do we ‘win’, do we ‘lose’, or do we just make a statement and then move on? We may find that we have to move out of the way of something bigger than ourselves, we may have to make compromises. However, it can also imply the need, or the strong desire, to take on society in order to make changes. The trick is to know when to pull the ‘switch’ in order to avoid a head-on collision between forces that could perhaps benefit from one another, rather than continuing to battle or push their might or authority.

This was the Quest Symbol (the degree after) of the Mercury in Princess Diana’s chart. It is the degree of Prince William’s 7th house Moon… fascinating. It will be interesting to see what happens with William over the years. Obviously, Diana, his mother, died in a car crash brought about by the Paparazzi chasing her (her Mercury was Cancer 4: A Cat Arguing With A Mouse).

This, and the degree before, I find to be difficult degree Symbols… but, we can turn them Train Crossingaround to make them work better through acknowledging how we might be running counter to our own best interests, etc.

This Symbol implies the desire, or the ability, to compete with or take on society as if life were a race or something to be conquered in some way. The ‘Car’ is a vehicle for the individual and the ‘Train’ a vehicle for the masses. There is often a need for caution as the individual will not always survive in a collision with the more powerful collective. It probably won’t always work to be insisting bravely that your individual needs should be considered. The collective has too much momentum. If someone pits themselves and their energies continually against society, sooner or later they are likely to lose.

Not looking to the consequences of one’s actions. Running against the grain of others. Cars, trains. Individual rights. Rebelling. Split second timing. Taking one’s chances.

The Caution: Recklessness. Being prepared to sacrifice others. Working until one drops. Not knowing when to stop. Emotional panic. Spinning out of control. Going off the rails.

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