Mercury On Capricorn 29: A Woman Reading Tea Leaves

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Mercury is about to go into Aquarius, which is likely to lighten up the energies. It is now on Capricorn 29: A WOMAN READING TEA LEAVES

A Woman Reading Tea LeavesThis Symbol shows the ability to, or the need for, being able to see things that others miss, and being able to use the intuition in order to receive the gifts that divination can bring. While others just see something simple like a tea cup, you can have the ability to weave a story for yourself and others about how life will, or can, be. One has to put aside skepticism and be able to embrace trust and intuitive knowing in order to be able to listen to the messages that are around you. Be open to seeing meaning through the catalyst of the simplest of everyday events. You will receive messages, if you are open to ‘seeing’ the signs. You may have to deal with skeptical people in your life.

Symbolism that acts to open pathways to the spiritual center. Reading things. Non verbal clues. Tea and sympathy. Divining the future. Rituals. Oracles. Fine China. Guidance.

The Caution: Reliance on esoteric advice. Not trusting gut feelings. Looking for confirmation of fears. Taking things literally, not symbolically. Excessive tea or coffee drinking.

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