Venus On Gemini 18: Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese In A Western Crowd(Just the second I started posting this, a message came through on Viber on my phone – it was telling me to check out a certain video (which I won’t, thanks) and it was a Russian url – ha. )

Do you feel that you’re somehow isolated from those you might prefer to talk with? Do you feel a need to connect with those of like mind? Are you wondering where those that share the same ideas are?

Sometimes, it’s not so much the actual language or subject matter that is the concern, sometimes it’s the nuances, the small inflections, the changes in tone that are not picked up… this can lead to not understanding each other or what each other are trying to convey.

This Symbol implies being able to find someone to communicate with, even when you’re in what might feel like alien territory. You may feel that you are often surrounded by people who don’t understand you or even suspect your ways of doing things or your motives. Finding someone of like mind or feeling will help you feel more comfortable and secure. Thinking and speaking in your native tongue or a language that reflects your thoughts and beliefs will bring greater ease and comfort. Sharing mutual thoughts can help transcend feelings of alienation and can lead to new understanding.

Transcending feelings of alienation. Having a specialized language that doesn’t communicate with everyone. Having a completely different mindset. Interpretations.

The Caution: Not adapting to the world around you. Being with people who don’t share philosophies or understanding. Not communicating on your own level. Judging others as different.

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