Venus On Gemini 22: Dancing Couples Crowd The Barn In A Harvest Festival

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is on a degree that lets us know that we have so many blessings – so much to be grateful for. Venus is on Gemini 22: DANCING COUPLES CROWD THE BARN IN A HARVEST FESTIVAL

Harvest FestivalThis is a lovely degree and one of fruition and blessings.

This Symbol shows the need to regularly celebrate life and its bounty and harvest. When the work’s been done, achievements have been made and there is a sense of security and ‘Harvest’ in the air, it is time to celebrate with one another. Gathering people together, there is a need to get back to a simple, conservative level of enjoyment. There’s a sense of being in tune with seasonal rhythms and taking some time out to enjoy and de-stress. The feeling of a healthy heart and a healthy mind, while taking a break from the struggles of providing, can bring joy to everyone. See if you can take time out to celebrate and to enjoy your environment.

Celebrating the warmth and providence of the Earth. The joy of nature’s harvest. Joining others to celebrate. Rhythmical or seasonal adjustments. Dancing. Barns and dance halls.

The Caution: Being the wallflower, not participating. Waiting for a special invitation rather than volunteering to be involved. Resentment. Isolation. Anti social behavior.

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  • leanne

    OK, love this one. I am taking this Sabian message as my true Natal Venus Degree, which is on my chart at Gemini 20:56+ call it close enough to 21, or 22 degrees Sabian read. Also I can’t find my birth certificate and was always questioning my birth time from memory by one or two minutes. Natal Mars can stay on 20+ degrees , he’s at 20:21degrees, and fits Gemini 21 degree Sabian message well. .

    • Lynda

      Hi Leanne… thanks for stopping to drop in some comments – I appreciate it! Those degrees ARE Gemini 21 – you always add one to the degree… so, your Venus and your Mars both appear to be on that Gemini 21 Sabian Symbol 🙂

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