Venus On Gemini 25: A Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is on Gemini 25 – and, curiously, it answers the story of the Sun on Taurus 13: The Porter Carrying A Mountain Of Heavy Baggage.

Gardener Trimming Large Palm Trees non essentials sayingVenus rules Taurus, so there’s a fusion there… it seems that Venus contains some solutions here, and we can make some decisions about lightening our load – even if we don’t do it immediately, we might decide to get rid of those things that just weigh us down…


I have this degree as my Jupiter, and, for many years, we had a garden maintenance and landscaping business. I used to find that I’d see more than I needed to see what needed to be done… I’d do too much… getting in and making everything a little too cleaned up… I’ve had to realise that overdoing is as bad as under doing… striking that balance…

This Symbol shows a clearing away of the garbage, impediments or evidence of the past in order to give a fresh, clean image. Getting in with the gloves and the tools in order to clear up and clean out can bring order and neatness to your environment. However, sometimes we like to have past experiences, or wounds, on display, be they good or bad. This can bring admiration or, more likely, sympathy. But in reality, it’s best to cut out what’s not needed or ineffective in your life as it leaves a space for better and fresher things to come along. Make a special effort to make things look their best, even if this leaves them somewhat without protection from lower, more basic elements.

Trimming off nonessentials to get to bare reality. Caring for possessions. Doing work because it needs to be done. Throwing out rubbish. Editing superfluous things. Weeding.

The Caution: Doing work because of routine rather than need. Neglecting the true issues such as watering, good nourishment and one’s physical realities. Hacking away.

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