Venus On Sagittarius 18: Tiny Children In Sunbonnets

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Tiny Children in Sun Bonnets– it’s interesting to see all the kerfuffle over President Obama’s children and the things that GOP woman said – which were horrid and disrespectful. Issues to do with children and their safety are paramount here… but, it can also be that some children are far to cosseted by their parents and others. Children should be allowed to be children – not stitched up against the world and not abandoned to the vagaries of the world, either. Finding that balance is key. This is also true for ourselves; this is not just about children. Perhaps we need some ‘protecting’ from some harmful rays… perhaps we need to be watchful about what influences us.

This degree speaks of the ability, along with the necessity, of providing protection for youngsters and children, giving them safety and security and sheltering from the harsher aspects of life. It may, at times, be a tiring responsibility as you have to be watchful for slipups when the protection may fall away – leaving those that should feel shielded open to the elements and the damaging aspects of the environment and society. At times, you may feel that you, or others, are being overprotected, but it is most likely for your own good. Don’t be distracted by efforts being made on your behalf; sometimes we, ourselves, need to be shielded by others from harmful elements. Remember to play and to have fun, but don’t let people hoodwink you or pull the wool over your eyes.

Protection or blinkering of others. Censorship. Innocence. Being treated like a child. Care taken with small beginnings. Mollycoddling. Sunblocks and sunscreens. Hats and bonnets.

The Caution: Overprotected by institutions. Not seeing the whole picture. Infantile behavior. Being left in the dark. Naiveté. Abuse and neglect. Sunburn. Growing up quickly.

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