Venus On The Squirrel Hiding From Hunters Degree: Pisces 2

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Squirrel Hiding From HuntersThis can be one of those days where you’re not sure whether to come out into the big wide world or to stay in bed. You may feel a sense of victimization in the air, or, be acutely feeling other people’s distress and discomfort.

This Symbol shows the need, or the ability, to be able to sense when to be moving and when to stop, when to be out in the world and when to be “Hiding” away. There can be a heightened sense of awareness or alertness, and, possibly, an ability to hear or perceive subtle things in the environment. At times, with this degree around, there may be aggression in the air with you probably one of the smaller players. You may feel threatened sometimes; and this can come from out of the blue. Not watching the news and not listening to negative stories can be one way of “Hiding” away. To be cautious is wise, but hiding oneself away can lead to missed opportunities for nourishment. Be wary of being bullied or “holed-up”.

Tactics to ensure survival. Hiding away. The media spreading fear and loathing. Security systems. Limit or restrict movement. Creative solutions. Refuges. Hunters. Guns.

The Caution: Being bullied. Giving those ‘out there’ more power than they deserve. Fear. Not wanting to socialize. Not speaking up for fear of being shot down. The NRL.

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