Venus On Virgo 5: A Man Dreaming Of Nature Spirits

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

It is purely astounding how the Sabian Symbols work. I see them manifesting their magical energies around me every single day. I feel to say that I find it strange that some people think they are psychic rubbish or don’t work. If this gif is not a representation of that, I will eat my hat 🙂


This Symbol implies strong feelings of another level of awareness around you. Your rational mind is, at times, being overshadowed by intuitive thoughts and feelings. Your imagination or spirituality is showing a clearer path to understanding and knowledge. Equipped to see the invisible, you penetrate into the mystical levels of life. There may be messages to bring back into your waking consciousness. This can show a creative, attuned mind that can perceive subtle phenomena, shifts and changes in the environment. Tap into your clairvoyance, but don’t be thrown off track by it Creative fantasies. Fairy tales. Seeing things or just imagining them? Fantasizing about people or experiences. Attuned minds. Seeing entities. Fairies. Nature spirits.

The Caution: Confusion or lack of true perspective. Time wasted. Being a space cadet. Losing the plot. Mental institutions. Not being taken seriously. Schizophrenia. Skepticism.

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  • leanne

    No need to eat your hat. It is amazing how having the awareness in conciouness expands in working with the Symbols ..truly a gift. Wow, wow wow! I am having a blessed revelation today concerning Suns current position 20+ degrees (Symbols 21- 24 Libra) everything is clicking in to greater perspective regarding future dreams and conciousness of my life’s purpose. I have positioned there in the middle Orcus at 22+ degrees. Which makes perfect sense this should transpire in this Phase, for me.

    Lynda, I heard you on your last comment. Don’t give up or give in to a day job. Your gift is needed and appreciated by so many, and that is including me! A least you have a home. We are currently homeless, but the grace of relatives at present. The world has temp gone crazy in the value department and cost of living (especially here in the SF bay area). So I can certainly relate! I am confident all is righting it’s self and believe is what this time in in evolution the last several years has been about/regarding. Who knows perhaps we may have the opportunity to collaborate further from here.. God willing eh ????

    With love,

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