Venus Opposite The Galactic Centre: Gemini 27 – The Gypsy Emerges

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is smack opposite the Galactic Centre – time to reach out for the outcomes your heart desires. Gemini 27: A YOUNG GYPSY, EMERGING FROM THE WOODS, GAZES AT FAR CITIES

Vintage gypsy postcardThis Symbol shows that there is a desire to attempt or achieve something that is at times out of reach. It takes a great deal of courage to be something of a foreigner or an outcast and still venture out into society seeking its rewards and enticements. Perhaps there are not much financial resources of conventional accreditation behind you. It could be the constraints of friends and family that are holding you back from being able to strike out on your own. Wanting and trying to participate, even when you don’t initially command respect or acceptance, is difficult, but with perseverance, rewarding. A place to truly call home needs to be found. Set your sights high and go for them.

Dreaming of being a part of something far-off and larger. Lessons to be learnt about being streetwise. New perspectives arising from larger realities. Striking out on one’s own.

The Caution: Dissatisfaction and looking elsewhere. Feelings of not belonging. Being in limbo. Alienation. Abandonment of home and family. Restrictions. Limits of activity.

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