Venus Retrograde On Leo 18: A Chemist Conducts An Experiment For His Students

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

OK, where, when and how are you willing to experiment in your life, particularly in the realms of Venus (relating, relationships, money, sense of self, beauty, etc)… are you prepared to change the way you do, see or handle things? Is there a better way? Perhaps some new interventions, some new inventions, some new decisions and affirmations…

A Chemist Conducts An Experiment For His StudentsVenus is retrograde on Leo 18: A CHEMIST CONDUCTS AN EXPERIMENT FOR HIS STUDENTS

This Symbol implies situations of being willing to try something new and different and to step outside the square. You may find yourself in a new discovery in an authoritative and/or observant position. The message for either situation, whether you’re a participant or an observer, is to pay attention and attend to details. A mix of new ingredients can lead to new creations and can lead to surprising results. Even if you’re unsure of outcomes, being willing to take risks can lead to different and interesting possibilities. However, only going by the tried and true scientific model that sticks to doing experiments in exactly the same way over and over will only ever lead to the same result. Be sure of the mix of ingredients though, as some are dangerous or unpredictable.

Alchemy. Radical educations. Wisdom passed on. Putting things to the test. Teachers taking chances on outcomes for students. The thrill of discovery. Leading by example.

The Caution: Always “by the rules of the book”. Inertia and suppression of creative ideas. Narrow viewpoints. Being afraid of outcomes. Skepticism. Conservative science.

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