Venus Retrograde On The Unsealed Letter: Leo 30

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus has gone back into Leo and is on it’s retrograde journey for the 40 days and 40 nights which some might call being out in the wilderness while others might describe it as a second chance. I think it’s both. 40 days has long had a rather mythical meaning of being cast adrift in some way and we might feel that, especially as we also have Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron retrograde at the moment.


Unsealed letterVenus hanging out here for days and days as it already has before going retro and is now after turning retro, brings up the subject of confidentiality, or, the need, desire or obsession with keeping things to one’s self – some will feel the need to keep things close to their chests while others might want to tell all. We all, of course, have our own responses to the transits of the planets over degrees.

Having said that, my take on this degree is that it is very much about relationships – all kinds of relationships. However, we might be confronted by the raw truth of how much we share on forums such as FB – do we share too much? or, too little perhaps? Perhaps there is something you want to say to someone, but are hesitant to let it all hang out?

This Symbol shows that there is a message you hold inside that you may wish to spread and you will be able to do it if you put the message into reality either by writing it down or speaking it. There can, at times, be a desire to reveal one’s inner feelings, however the opposite can also be true; you may feel very confronted by the thought of wearing your heart on your sleeve. However you transmit this ‘Vital and Confidential Information’, it needs to be done from the heart and with integrity. When this is done the right people can see it and benefit from it. Be aware of sharing information that isn’t yours to share or that breaks confidentiality with someone who trusts you.

Communicating in a trusting, carefree, easy way. Ideas, thoughts and emotions exposed through being too trusting. Shared thoughts and feelings. “Dear John” letters. Diaries.

The Caution: Playing games with information. Concealing for the purpose of deceit. Blurting things out. Betrayal of confidences. Gossip. Revealing what shouldn’t be revealed.

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