Vesta And Saturn on Scorpio 20: A Woman Drawing Aside Curtains To The Sacred Pathway

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Saturn and Vesta are conjunct on Scorpio 20… This can bring a sense of difficulty around home, family, feeling safe, keeping the hearth and heart going in your home, Vesta can also bring up a kind of fanaticism, being one-eyed…

Woman Drawing Aside Curtains - WaterhouseSteph Johnson‘s words about Vesta in the Solar Fire interpretation files has this – Steph was just looking at Vesta, not at Vesta and Saturn being conjunct (together on the same degree)… she was looking at how Vesta can have strong Saturnian flavors… and here we are, in Scorpio, with both Vesta and Saturn on the same degree. This is really quite something… Steph’s words:

Vesta relates to the Classical goddess of the hearth and family, and is Keeper of the Flame of Life. The asteroid encompasses this holon and symbolizes tradition, piety, dedication and service, focused behaviour and efficiency. It can also indicate tunnel vision, fanaticism and excessive conservatism. Some of the earlier work on asteroids elevated Vesta somewhat higher than the other symbols, perhaps because its rather Saturn-like qualities are more accessible and more readily understood. Both Vesta and Saturn are symbols of work, but Vesta tends to like work better than Saturn, or point to areas where one is less resistant to having to take up whatever responsibility or burden may be indicated. Indeed, Vestal people can be willing to be quite self-sacrificial, usually for those they love, or for some noble cause. The negative around this can be postures of martyrdom or (if self esteem is much lowered) to becoming some sort of doormat. There is an ascetic quality to Vesta and those in whom its influence is strong can operate in quite austere or priestly ways. Importantly, Vestal energy is usually apparent at endings, including death, when the flame of life it has supported is extinguished.

Now, we have Vesta and Saturn together in Scorpio… from what Stephanie said, we can draw the conclusion that this is a triple whammy…. however, I feel that owning up to things within ourselves (removing the handcuffs that Mercury seems to be pointing out to us today), we can venture down new pathways – pathways that we may have been afraid to venture into.


This Symbol shows the ability or the need to be able to draw aside confusions or Woman Drawing Aside Curtainsobstructions that impede your path or stop you from realizing where you could be or go. You, either alone or with others, may feel the need to venture down new “Pathways” or investigate new possibilities, but you will have to muster faith and overcome fear to enter these new realms, these “Sacred” places. You will require both courage and inquisitive desire. It is clear that your sphere of operation and action will become vastly enlarged with the new perspective that opens for you.

Mysteries revealed. Feminine mysteries. Invitations to the unknown. Drawing the curtains. Woman’s reproductive systems. Open Sesame. Sexual issues. Following through.

The Caution: Being seduced. Dark and sinister things. Not being shown the true picture or the truth. Being or feeling shut out or shut in. Dark rooms. Frigidity and prudishness.

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  • sheraloha

    Wow Lynda! You have described another symbol that seems to describe my subjective life experiences of the moment and larger scope of the world. The symbols resonating like concentric circles . This is my ascendant and I am either going to lose my house to the lava flow or lose access to the rest of the island!
    Love your furthering of Elsies symbols to a more inclusive contemporary world view !

    • Lynda

      Hi Sherri, I hope you’re ok in amongst all that volcanic goings on over there in Hawaii. Have you gone to the mainland? Big hugs and hopes for it all to work out well for you and your house… Lxx

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