Walter Russell On Telepathy

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Two People In Telepathic CommunicationWalter Russell wrote this in the 1940’s – he was a man way ahead of his time. Mercury went retrograde on Gemini 14: Two People At Widely Different Points, Are In Conversation With Each Other By Means Of Telepathy, and, the Sun and Mars have passed over this degree in recent weeks = this idea has been amplified amazingly, especially as Mercury stood still on this degree for days a few weeks ago… Mercury will again pass over this degree in a few week’s time.

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  • beckielasalle

    Thanks for reminding us about Walter Russell. Isn’t it curious that he is virtually forgotten, at least at this moment in time. I’m holding him in the light and happy to take advantage of his wisdom.

    • Lynda

      Beckie, yes, exactly! Fabulous. I love his works – what an amazing man. 🙂

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