X-Ray Photographs In Order: Mars On Scorpio 25 And Jupiter On Virgo 19

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

X-RayAre you feeling the need to get below situations so you can really see what’s going on? To get into events, thoughts, emotions, memories, etc, to see the ‘bare bones’ of what is truly there? Are you itching to get answers? Spending time wondering what is going to happen and why? Looking for answers but finding a haze instead of clarification? Well, clarification can come now, but we might need to change our focus.

Perhaps squinting will help 😉

Mars is on Scorpio 25: AN X RAY PHOTOGRAPH HELPS WITH THE DIAGNOSIS – this is a very ‘penetrative’ Symbol, especially as it’s a Scorpio degree, AND, Mars is traveling rather slowly, having just recently gone stationary direct.

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able see into areas or realms that others generally don’t even take any notice of. You may find yourself looking for a deeper understanding of situations and you need to peel away the layers in order to get to the truth of the matter. You may need to employ both the emotions and the intellect. Ask yourself: what do you want to find and what is being done to reveal the structure or the nitty gritty of situations? Looking inside for clues. Being able to see through layers into the reality of things helps you to be able to make a “Diagnosis” – dia which means “by”, and gnosis which means “knowledge”.

Penetrating insight. Having the eyes and the intuition to see. Evaluations. Photographs. Radiation. X-ray vision. Connecting the dots. Finding causes. Insight and revelations.

The Caution: Disregarding the truth. Invading people’s mental, physical or psychic space. Being intense and meaningful. Not knowing when to relax. Undressing others.

This idea is made doubly strong as Jupiter has just been on Virgo 18 for several days. It has moved off now, but we are no doubt still feeling it…


There is a desire to contact a deeper wisdom and you may need some assistance to help youTwo Girls Playing With A Ouija Board focus on the message. Youthful attempts at using tools to discover the deeper meanings of life can bring surprising results. However, there can be very little control over what is coming through from “the other side”.

Immature curiosity that can lead to inner guidance. Seeking easy answers to avoid responsibility. People working together to find answers.

The Caution: Dealing with situations beyond your maturity. Continually looking for information.

Jupiter is now on Virgo 19: A SWIMMING RACE – it seems that we would do well to focus on our own ‘swim lanes’ – to forge ahead with our own objectives and not to be looking left or right. It can be difficult, though, as Mars in Scorpio on the X-Ray degree wants to KNOW what’s going on.

You may find yourself in competition over emotional issues or working your way through shared emotions and hoping to win, or to come out on top. It is through training and practice and the controlled use of your emotions that success can be achieved. It is this experience that you must call on now. Work hard at achieving the win for rewards in the larger picture (club, school, country) or for winning the race leaving purely personal gains behind may be the answer.

Looking sideways to see how others are coping with the strain of competition. Competing with one’s emotions. Wanting to be first at everything.

The Caution: Allowing the competitive spirit to dominate emotional sensitivity. Always going for “the win”.


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