Venus On The Child Born Out Of An Eggshell Degree: Aquarius 6

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill

Venus is on Aquarius 6: A CHILD BORN OUT OF AN EGGSHELL

Child Born Out Of An EggshellThis Symbol can bring up issues of belonging. Do you feel like you belong? Do you feel like you fell out of space like an alien? Do you look at your family and wonder if they adopted you? Are you looking for new ways of doing things, perhaps new ways of being? Are you ready to give birth to a new version of you?

This Symbol shows the ability, or the need, to be able to see the individuality, beauty, potential or genius in people, particularly children. Today’s Indigo and Star children fit this description; they seem to come from nowhere and surprise us with their amazing ability to just ‘know’ things. This “Child” could be quite dependant; may need a lot of care, nurturing and education, or they could be very independent. Which are you? Finding new ways of doing things ensures you have the needed materials and resources to nourish this new beginning. Your desire to find your own unique way will give you the ability to find new paths and a new emergence.

Transmutation. Birth of a whole new creative original impulse. Expressions of self in a whole new light. Incubated ideas coming to fruition. Private schools. Indigo children. IVF.

The Caution: Different only to follow fashion. Spoilt and naive attitudes. Being too precious about offspring, children or one’s creative exploits. Mutations.

BTW, I took this photo in southern Illinois, in Carmi, when I was visiting there looking for information about Elsie Wheeler.

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