Mars On The Girl’s Face Smiling: Scorpio 16

 In Lunar Stories by Lynda Hill


Girl SmilingJust as I started to write this, someone on the TV said that something was ‘taking away his smile’… Mars here, on this degree and heading towards Saturn, can have us feeling that we haven’t been smiling much lately – like something has been ‘taking away our smile’.

Have you been smiling lately? Are you finding it a bit difficult to keep up a happy facade? Sometimes meeting up with others can remind us of our smile and bring us back to the need to radiate happiness rather than the difficulties we may be experiencing. I don’t think that masking unhappiness with a fake smile is the way, but I do think that finding your smile in the middle of the difficulties you may be facing can help. The guy on the TV is now saying that some people have to stop and notice what they are doing – are they being nasty? Unkind? Unfair to others?

That the Girl’s Face Is Breaking Into A Smile indicates that she isn’t always smiling, r that smiling is an issue.. especially with Mars here…

This Symbol shows the ability to, or the necessity of, putting on a happy face, smiling and being warm and welcoming. The fact that the “Girl’s Face is Breaking” into a smile implies that she may not always be smiling; she may not always have things to smile about. However, the act of smiling helps to draw people closer; to give people permission to get to know you. Smiling is the simple sense of inner happiness shining through. But this is more than just an expression of pleasure or joy, it is the expression of your ability to choose between happiness and unhappiness and then choosing to express it. Smile and see how things change. True smiling can be infectious and lighten the mood of those around you.

Drawing others. Willingness to relate. Things that make one happy. Breaking the ice. Smiling or frowning? Facial expressions. Facial feedback. Eye contact. Dental hygiene.

The Caution: False happiness to satisfy others’ needs. Lack of sincerity. Breaking up. Rigidity of responses. Grumpy attitudes. Refusal to communicate. Poker faces. Frowns.

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